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Protect your Basement: Get Plugged Piper to Install a Backwater Valve

A backwater valve saves your basement by preventing sanitary sewage from coming up in your basement. Why is this helpful? Without a backwater valve, excess sewage can easily seep into your basement or cellar through alternate outlets, including tubs, toilets, sinks and showers causing thousands of dollars in property damage.

In a basic sense, a backwater valve is a permanent barrier between these outlets and the main sewage lines on the street. This barrier is automatically enacted whenever sewage backup forms.

Safeguard Against an Expensive & Hazardous Mess

It is wise to have plumbers in Hamilton insert a backwater valve. By installing this device you safeguard your property against a smelly, expensive and hazardous mess that may take a great deal of time and expense to repair. As long as the correct steps are taken, the homeowner can utilize the 3P program in the city of Hamilton and have the backwater valve installed for little or NO COST!

Plugged Piper is staffed by experienced plumbers in Hamilton, Ontario who have installed hundreds of backwater valves. We provide the installation and desired subsidies you need to protect your home from sewage backup. We are also licensed, bonded and insured, evidence that we are reputable professionals who stand behind each fitting.

You value your property and we want to help you protect it for decades to come. Prevent sewage overload in your basement or cellar. Get a professionally installed backwater valve from Plugged Piper. Contact us today by phone at 905-333-3044 or by filling out a request form on our Contact Us page.

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